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Screw blower:

It is a two-axle machine that, by rotating two screws inside, also creates air suction and depression. The most common use of these blowers is for high compressed air.

Compressor screw (variable speed) allows compressed air to be produced based on the required volume.

Simply put, when more air is required, the speed of the rotors increases, and when the air is low, the rotors move at a lower speed.

What is a screw compressor?

The screw compressor is a modular, tested, and with the highest safety factor. Depending on the size of a compressor, it can compress between 200 and 1000 square cubic feet per hour in one stage of suction.

All screw compressors operate on the basis of the principle of positive displacement, the key element of which is a pair of spiral or spiral rotors.

How to run

By rotating the rotors, the teeth interact and create a compartment between the compressor and the rotors.

This spiral rotation in the chamber causes the gas to enter from the suction or inlet and moves toward the compression. These chambers are connected to the suction nozzle and connected through ports to the larger drain chamber, then the gas flows through the crater.

The design of the screw compressor incorporates the advantages of positive and rotary displacement machines that make this type of compressor suitable for a wide range of applications and gas processes.

Types of compressor screw

The screw compressors are oil-free and oil-injected.
Screw compressor

In this type of screw compressor, as its name suggests, it is completely oil free and no oil. This oil-free compressor is used extensively in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Because of the fact that the oil does not come into this screw compressor, this model of screw compressors can not withstand a high ride.

The maximum pressure is up to 3 times, ie the output air is pressurized 3 times the compressor air inlet.