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Liquid Ring Blower

Liquid ring blower series SY / 2SY, 2BE, SK

The cylinder is a single-axle machine fluid and has a simple operation.

This pump is one of the simplest blowers and has very little wear and tear. This pump runs through the cylinder of the pump and rotates the fluid with a ring of liquid from the liquid.

The pump is designed to separate the cylinders from the cylinder by the outside of the axis, which, by rotating the blade, can suction gas from the other side and remove it from the other side.

This pump is used in various industries to infiltrate a variety of gases, such as creating positive pressure in the workshop environment, sewage, filtration, urban sweep and so on.

This pump is made in one or two stages, which usually reaches a final pressure of 1 bar. However, the final pressure of the pump depends on other factors.