Turbo blowers

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تعمیر بلوئر

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Turbo blowers

Compact power in aeration tanks.

AERZEN turbo blowers. Over the decades we have developed these packaged units to technical excellence. In doing so we have acquired expertise that sets standards throughout the world. This is reflected in improved energy efficiency, low life-cycle costs and specially developed core components. To sum it up: it can be seen in every detail of AERZEN’s continuous flow machines.

Magnet vs. air foil bearing – AERZEN air foil bearing: more than one step ahead!


Construction and functional principle of a turbo blower from AERZEN are simple and at the same time effective. As the air supply of modern wastewater treatment plants is clearly designed for maximum availability, high energy efficiency and long maintenance cycles, AERZEN uses for the demanding bearing system within turbo blowers neither oil nor other lubricants – but simply air.