Series GR positive displacement blower for process gases







TypePositive displacement blowers
Media blownAir
Neutral gases
Process gases
Aggressive gases
Minimum flow capacity (m3/h)۱۰۰
Maximum flow capacity (m3/h)۵۰,۰۰۰












GR one- or two-stage blowers can be used for almost all technical gases and gas mixtures, including aggresive media. They are also ideal for gases with negative intake temperatures down to -30°C.



    • Air


    • Oxygen


    • Neutral, toxic, flammable, explosive, corrosive or mixed gases




Chemical and petrochemical industries

    • Compression of H2 and CH mixtures


    • Acetylene


    • Ethylenes


    • Lime kiln gas


    • Rich gas


    • Synthesis raw gas


    • Butadiene


    • Vinyl chloride


    • Hydrogen sulphide


    • Hydrogen



    • Hydrocracking


    • Hydrosulphurisation


    • Fractionating


    • Reforming


    • Catalytic cracking


    • PSA


    • Flare gas


    • Compression of H2 and CH mixtures


    • Energy production


    • Gas turbine supply


    • Steam


Oil and gas conveyance

    • VOC recovery


    • Natural gas compression


    • Pipeline booster


    • Underground gas storage


Oil and gas conveyance

    • Hydrogen generation


    • Air separation


    • Argon


    • Syngas coolant industry


    • Coolants (R1270, R290, etc)



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