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Rotary Lobe Compressors

The best of both worlds.

The rotary lobe compressor is one of the most innovative solutions in compressor technology, and one of the most efficient machines by far in the vast 25 to 100 per cent control range. Delta Hybrid has long been the only packaged unit in the world to bring together the benefits of blower and compressor technology in one single unit. For completely new possibilities in creating positive and negative pressure. And for savings of up to 15 per cent.

Freeing up potential.

Two profiles. One unit. The latest generation technology from AERZEN brings a new principle to compression, namely the perfect synthesis of positive displacement blower and screw compressor in one packaged unit. The innovative Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor uses two different rotor profiles. A 3+3 blower profile tailored for low pressure differentials of up to 800 mbar – and a 3+4 compressor profile designed for higher pressures of up to 1,500 mbar. This enables the Delta Hybrid to close the gap in the existing range of machines. It also offers a broad performance range to enable perfect tailoring to meet the most diverse process requirements – with energy savings of up to 15% compared to standard compressors.

Higher temperatures. Improved safety.

The Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors can be used for an extremely wide range of key industrial applications. Economic as a stand-alone and highly efficient in compound machines. The packaged units can be used anywhere, including areas with very high ambient temperatures, or for applications with extreme intake temperatures. Nowadays the Delta Hybrid makes final temperatures of 160 °C to 230 °C possible. A vital prerequisite for high levels of operational safety in all processes.


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