Blower power for special applications

Blower power for special applications

The 1 or 2 stage process blowers GR can be used for almost all technical gases and gas mixtures, which may also be aggressive.  In all branches of industry. They are also ideal for gases with negative intake temperatures down to -30 °C.


The conveying chamber sealed by

a) pressure relieved soft packings with purge gas connections,

b) pressure relieved carbon ring – labyrinth seals with purge gas connections,

c) double-acting mechanical seals, oil-purged

d) double-acting mechanical seals, water-purged

Drive shaft by radial seal ring.


Vertical, from top to bottom.


Direct via flexible coupling or via flexibly coupled spur gear. Overhung via narrow v-belt (up to 250 kW driving power). Special materials: Depending on the particular operating conditions, models are also available in CrNi cast steel or with different coatings.




neutral, toxic, flammable, explosive, corrosive or mixed gases

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