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Turbo Blower

Turbo-blowers were used for the first time in the aerospace and defense industries, such as the F-16 and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Turbo Blower engine uses Magnet Bearing technology.

That is, the engine shaft is located in the magnetic field instead of mechanical bearings, which can be rotated at speeds exceeding 30,000 rpm.

Due to engine technology, the pump has no vibration, without the need for lubrication, and has little space compared to other blowers for installation.

Turbo blowers do not require much equipment compared to other models.

Turbo-blowers like air turbine compressors are used.

Using this product, it costs 30 to 50% in costs compared to existing displacement blenders.

Important applications of turbo compressors and turbo blowers include air and oxygen supply in wastewater treatment plants, sulfur dioxide removal at power plants, transfer and mixing of raw materials in petrochemical plants. Pointed out