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Roots Blower

What is a blower? Types of Blowers | Roots Blower

A blower is a device used in various types of positive and rotary displacement and … which is used to transfer gas and air (air blower) through various methods.

Rotary blowers and positive displacement blowers are only available in two different types.

Bark vacuum offers a wide range of blowers, for example, recuperative blowers, alternating blades, rotary and centrifugal blowers.

These blowers are available in Single-Stage Single-Stage and Multi-Stage Multi-Stage.

All of the vacuum cleaners in Pars Industrial Industries (if different in size, function or technology) provide reliable services and services for the various processes our customers require.

Blower types

The blower has many different types to consider.

Centrifuge blower

Centrifugal technology is essentially a compression of variable-flow aerodynamics with constant pressure from air or gas, in which the flow is proportional to energy consumption.

Centrifugal technology applies an increase in compression by adding kinetic / velocity energy to a continuous flow of air through the rotor or implanter (in the interior).

Then, this kinetic energy is converted by increasing the static pressure by reducing the flow through a diffuser.

This technology is used in compressor and blower products such as compressors and centrifugal fans as well as centrifugal multi-stage blowers.

Roots Blower | Oil free blower

Oil-free and low-oil technology is used in many different processes around the world.

Hospitals, pharmacies, food industries and many more relies on the Roots Blower to provide clean and oil-free air for their systems and processes.

In a lubricated machine, oil is used for sealing, lubrication and cooling, but this results in large volumes of oil in the compressed air.

A low-oil or low-pressure compressor uses an alternative substitute such as water for sealing, lubrication and refrigeration; or compressor operation is carried out in several steps, in which case the air compressor with the highest quality, without the need for Separation produces filtration.

Types of technologies used in oil-free compressors, including water injection compressors, two-stage dry screw, single or two-stage oil or centrifugal compressor pistons.

Pars Industrial Co. offers a variety of low-grade or low-grade oils, such as a two stage screw with a pressure of more than 150 psig and an ICO unit with water injection, which provides a non-oil package. Which completely eliminates the possibility of contamination of the system with oil.

This vacuum technology has made Pars a strategic industry for the supply of compressed air.

In an oil-free machine, the air is compressed thoroughly through the screw (without the need for oil insulation).

As a result, the maximum pressure drop is often lower in these models.

But multiphase-free machines, air is compressed with multiple sets of screws. Oil-free machines are used in processes that are not acceptable for oil shifts.

Positive displacement blower

Positive displacement compressors utilize the advantage of positive displacement technology, which means displacement through the capture of a certain amount of air and then applying the force (displacement) of the enclosed volume inside the drainage pipe.

Positive displacement technology can also be categorized as a mechanism for air displacement.

Radial blower

Radial fans (also known as radial blowers or radial compressors) are reliable interconnected technology and safety for vacuum and compression.

They are available in single-stage and multi-stage editions.
Its traditional uses are in packaging and paper handling.