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Rotary blower

Blower and Vacuum Pump
Unique design with German technology
Output sounder based on Mach number failure
Rotors of the type of blade garlic (3lobe)
Input filter cartridge with high particle uptake
Comes with flexible connection
Together with standard safety valve with German manufacturing technology
One-way milk with a unique design
Designed with cabinets
Easy setup and maintenance
Advice and free choice
Provide technical specifications with the manufacturer’s HVAC software
Designed as a direct coupling
Oil free
Shaft unit of the C45N stainless steel
Generators of C45N and GGG40 airless unit rotors
The body of the air-conditioning unit is from GG20
Vacuum pump up to a maximum vacuum of 500mBar –
Blowers up to a maximum pressure of 1000mBar
Designed for continuous operation with no load