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Blower Positive displacement

The most important application of the application of positive displacement blowers is the transfer of pneumatic materials to bulk materials and postal waters.

These unique and compact blowers with a high standard of standard meet different needs of customers in different industries.

Their applicability and economics are the reason why they are the best choice.

The blower packages are made of three lobes, which are coupled to the engine with a belt and the outlet fluid is completely oil-free.

Very low levels of sound, ease of use, space saving and adaptation to the needs of different customers from other features of this product.

Aeration amount: 30 – 14400 cubic meters per hour
Maximum pressure difference: 1000 millibars
Fluid: Air and neutral gases

Delta Blower GM 3S … 240S positive pressure packaged unit1

These three-lobe blowers have high strength and suitable for a wide range of applications.

The couplings are designed with the help of slider, low pulse and low noise of the pipes. These blowers are available in 22 standard sizes.

Aeration amount: 30-65000 cubic meters per hour
Maximum pressure difference: 800 millibar / 1000 milligrams
Fluid: Air and neutral gases

GM 3S … 1080 L positive pressure blower stage2

These two-lobe blowers are designed to be mounted on tank trucks or silo trucks, which create a pressure difference up to 1.2 times.

Fluid transfer in these blowers is possible in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Aeration amount: 600 to 2250 cubic meters per hour
Maximum pressure difference: 1200 milliseconds
Fluid: Air, Oxygen, Negative, Flammable, Toxic, Explosive, Corrosive

Bulk goods vehicle GM 13.5..13.f7-1 positive pressure blower stage3

Sale of Positive Positive Blower Package

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Introducing positive displacement rotation blowers