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Air blower

Rothes Blower | Roots Lab Blower

The rotund pump is used with two blowers (blower) and vacuum (sucker).

This pump is in the group of dry pumps and is therefore used in various industries.

Typically, high vacuum can be achieved by combining two rotor or rotary pumps.

Today, this pump is made in different sizes from several cubic meters to one hundred thousand cubic meters per hour.

This pump is a two-axle machine that rotates two or two rotary rotors to create airflow.

The advantages of this pump can be to dry the air out.

For better pump operation, there are a few points to note: air intake filtering, pump temperature control, timely service and proper lubrication.

The clown pump mechanism is like a rotor pump, but the shape of the rotors is prong.

Due to the rotor’s shape, this pump can be used without a backup pump until the final pressure reaches 100 milliseconds.

Sennheiser Chanel Blower | Side Channel Blower

This single-acting pump acts as a low-pressure blower by creating air turbulence and generating a vortex (ΔP ≡ 400 mbar).

This pump is made in a variety of sizes.

The Chanel Seal is also used as a vacuum pump, which results in a one-to-two-stage one and a final pressure of 500mbar and 200mbar respectively.

Fan blower | Fan Blower

Fan is a device that passes through a stream of fluid or air.

This passes through the blades and blades in which the air flows.

These blades are referred to as the propeller and travel through the rotor in a specific enclosure, so that external objects do not enter it.

Most fans work with an electromotor, but there are other sources, such as hydraulic motors or internal combustion, for this purpose.

Fans produce high-pressure and low-pressure air, unlike compressors that generate high-pressure, high-pressure compressors.

Application and consumption of blowers in industries

Rutile blowers are widely used in industries due to controllability, volume and air pressure produced by them.

Use in spray machines
Acidification (Furnace Furnace Supply)
Pneumatic transfer of materials and powders
To supply fuel for high-volume cars (as charging)
Petrochemicals (gas transfer)
Air supply and mixing materials in plating, galvanizing, chrome plating and …

Sewage treatment plants
Collect dust
Silos (for grain transfer and …)
Alcohol industry
Flour mills
Cement industry
Glass industry
Food and Drug Industries
Steel making industry
Paper industry, cardboard, printing
Painting machines
Oil and gas (processes)
Aeration in fish and shrimp pools